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Franchise Sales and Resales

For many new and experienced business owners, a franchise provides the ideal road map to follow. Having the support and infrastructure provided by a franchisor removes many of the challenges that business owners experience. From national branding, training, shared marketing, operational support, and a community of like-minded owners, a franchise puts most operators well on their way to success. 


1. Connect with a Business Broker

Our business brokers are also franchise brokers and our parent company has placed thousands of people just like you into their first franchise and in many cases, several franchises over a series of decades. Some of our successful franchise area representatives have established and operated hundreds of individual units in their area. Some of these business owners, who we consider long-term partners, go back many years. These relationships have been built and maintained  because we have successfully demonstrated our commitment to successful outcomes across the board. You could say that franchising is our sweet spot.

2. Locate the Ideal Franchise

New franchise? Our parent company represents ten unique franchise brands that you can explore and sometimes we have established franchises from that group to resell. Franchisees sometimes move on for various reasons. Like a traditional business, we still need to establish the match that comes closest to meeting the criteria you’ve laid out; criteria such as geographic location, industry,  income potential, investment required, lifestyle concerns, and various other aspects that are important to you. Our brokers will often list franchises from other business sectors in the USA, Canada and beyond. There is no better time than now to enter the world of franchising.

3. Negotiate Purchase and Agreement

We’ve identified your ideal franchise, you’ve fully investigated the business, and you have committed to moving forward. The experts at Loyalty Business Brokers will negotiate the final financial and logistic aspects and oversee the entire process on your behalf. We will work with the franchisor or current owner, accountants, lawyers, landlords and other stakeholders that are critical to the successful outcome that all interested parties require.

4. Operating Fastrack

Unlike some traditional businesses, you will really hit the ground running here. In most cases you will jump right into becoming part of something bigger than a sole proprietorship or even a partnership. From training and integration with a robust operations and marketing department, your plate will be full from day one. You will be surrounded by an extended team not often present in a traditional business environment. The more measured and structured world of a franchise eco-system awaits you.  Only your time, enthusiasm and hard work separate you from success.

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