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Loyalty Business Brokers will help you identify and acquire the right business for you all under the best terms possible. Our Brokers and Agents will ensure you understand what is required for you to become a business owner.  If you are already an experienced business owner we will uncover the options you are looking for and explore each of them with your goals in mind. Here is a basic overview of the steps we will take together.


1. Connect with a Business Broker

You will want to connect with a business broker who works for you the buyer and has your best interests in mind. This is precisely why a Loyalty Business Broker is your best choice. We focus on the best possible result for BOTH the buyer and the seller. No exceptions.  Our parent company has put thousands of people just like you into their first business and in many cases, several businesses over a series of decades. We are extremely proud to say that some of our most active and successful clients go back 30 plus years. That happens only when we have successfully demonstrated our comittment to successful outcomes for all parties involved.

2. Determine Your Requirements

Once you choose one of our business brokers to represent you, we will establish the businesses for sale that come closest to meeting the criteria you’ve laid out; criteria such as geographic location, industry,  income potential, investment required, lifestyle concerns, and various other aspects that are important to you. At this point, your broker begins a deep dive to establish what is available in the marketplace. This search is not limited to businesses listed in our current inventory. Our experienced business brokers have the contacts and resources to do a search of listed businesses in great depth and detail and will be able to sift through what’s available to find one or more that might meet your needs.

3. Negotiate Your Best Deal

We’ve found your ideal business. Under our guidance, you’ve decided to move forward and now comes the exciting part. The experts at Loyalty Business Brokers will negotiate the deal and oversee the entire process on your behalf. We will work with accountants, lawyers, landlords, and other third parties that are critical to the successful outcome that all interested parties require.

4. Close the Deal and Move Forward

You have arrived. Together, we have located the ideal business for you and navigated our way to a successful conclusion. Now that all financial, contractual and legal requirements are satisfied, we make sure that this final and most important step is completed safely and securely. Your new business adventure starts now!

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